Why Can’t I Dislike Songs On Spotify?

If listening to music is your greatest passion, keep playing! The Spotify mobile app makes it simple to listen to music on the go. This program, available for iOS and Android, allows you to ban any artist whose music you don’t like. The issue is that removing music you don’t like from any playlists or radio stations is more complicated. If you don’t like a song, your dislike only applies to the current playlist on the current device, whether it runs iOS or Android.

Whether you use the free or premium versions of Spotify, you can unsubscribe from songs anytime. This applies exclusively to the device in question. So remember that if you decide to unfollow a song from your iPhone, it can also follow you to your alternative Android device. The information in this note will point you in the direction of the options for hiding songs from the playlist and for disliking songs by particular artists.

In any case, this note will teach you more about Spotify and its advantages and disadvantages. The music you detest will return to any of your devices if you use several accounts or devices (such as Android and iOS). Thus, confusion will result. Let’s check it out.


How to dislike songs on Spotify Premium?

Disliked songs can be blocked from the current playlist or radio station. Press it if you notice a “no” symbol next to the play controls when using the app. The chosen song will instantly skip to the next track and be removed from the playlist or radio station. One thing to remember is that it’s not practicable to conceal a song from the app’s current playing bar; as a result, press the bar to make it more comprehensive.

It may be necessary to select “I don’t like this song” or “I don’t like this artist” from an action menu when you hit the dislikes button in some playlists and radio stations. This can occur in a lot of playlists or radio stations.

The “NO” symbol in Spotify is regarded as an official dislike button, and its purpose is to remove songs from the currently playing playlist or radio station. The track is not completely deleted from the Spotify account. The song will be removed from the chosen playlist or station, nevertheless. The “dislike button” in Spotify hides songs rather than removing them from your listening experience.

Dislike Songs On Spotify

Spotify Songs Dislike


How to dislike songs on Spotify for free?

From the “No” button to the “Minus” indication, there is a slight difference between the premium and free accounts. The purpose remains the same as before. The “Minus” symbol will remove or cover up tracks you don’t like from the current playlist or radio station, while the premium “No” button stops the song from playing anywhere. Although the functions are the same, the outcome differs.

The song will stop and go on to the next track in the list if you hit a “Minus” sign. The difference between the “Minus” and “No” buttons is that the “Minus” indicator can be seen anywhere with a free account. Songs can be hidden from the ellipsis menu by you as well. You can choose “hide song” in iOS or “hide this song” in Android by tapping the song in the display list or current playlist. You can remove songs from the list view screen and utilize the “Minus” sign. The “Minus” indicator is adjacent to each track’s central section.

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