Where Is The Enhance Button On Spotify?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services of this generation. With its unique features and very easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, it has become the most incredible music streaming platform overtaking other music streaming services. Not only songs, but Spotify has become a one-stop solution for accessing various podcasts. Various interesting features of Spotify are the backbone of this application. Be it creating a playlist or going on for a collaboration, Spotify provides everything. It has millions of songs by artists all over the world. Spotify is the most trustable platform for both its listeners and artists.


What is this new Enhance feature on Spotify?

Spotify introduced a new feature called Enhance last year on its platforms. This feature is supposed to be a part of Spotify’s suggestion algorithm but on steroids and hopefully supposed to give users some better suggestions within their playlists. There are many pros and cons of this feature. This feature is available to any user, whether or not they are a premium account holder. The song suggestions follow an accurate algorithm and suggest some of the best songs according to the mood. But there are also a few caveats with this. First off, you cannot access it on a desktop version. It can only be done via a mobile device.

So to access any other Spotify features, you need to launch the Spotify application on your mobile phone. Open your library, where you can find your playlists. Note that this Enhance feature does not work for any Spotify-created playlist. It also isn’t supported by a blended playlist. It will only work for a user’s playlist but is also a part of a collaborative playlist.

Enhance Button Feature On Spotify

Enhance Button On Spotify


Where can you find the Spotify Enhance button feature?

To find this unique feature, you need to tap on the playlist you’ve created of your choice. Right below your playlist’s title is this tab-like structure called Enhance. Tap on the Enhance button.

This feature will enhance your playlist. You can tell because it has got some sparkling green icons next to it. This feature works really well by adding immediate 15 songs to the playlist. This also adds an additional 15 songs over the course of two weeks. So a user doesn’t have to worry about it taking over the playlist. Any song that has been added to the playlist by this feature will also have the same green sparkling icon next to it. It also has a de-enhancing option by single-clicking the same enhance option again. Once you de-enhance it, it’ll automatically remove all the added songs as well. However, this is something you need to do to go through and enhance a playlist. Anybody who is also a part of your playlist will see the enhancement. The added songs on the collaborative playlists will also reflect on the members of those particular playlists.

Like Enhance, there are a lot of other great features on Spotify. These features make it easy for the listeners to enjoy the platform. They are creative and yet easily accessible- just a click away.

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