What Are Some Spotify Easter Eggs?

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming subscription service. It has helped to transform how consumers experience music by providing unprecedented convenience, accessibility, and data-driven personalization to drive discovery and engagement. As of December 31, 2017, the company had 71 million paying subscribers and 159 million MAUs across 61 markets, founded in Sweden in 2006. The company’s revenue rose to over $5 billion between 2015 and 2017 (a 45% two-year compounded annual growth rate), and gross margins increased from 12% to 21%2. The industry’s downward revenue trend was reversed by Spotify’s streaming access model, which added value for customers, artists, and other participants in the music industry. Spotify will be concentrating on using data to improve its platform further as it enters a new phase of growth following its IPO, expanding into new areas to increase its customer base and be profitable.

Spotify is a subscription-based freemium music streaming service optimized for mobile devices. While free users can only play music on-demand on their desktops and listen to radio-like playlists on their phones with intermittent commercials, paid subscribers can play and download songs on demand from their phones, desktop, or other devices. By providing limitless music streaming, Spotify changed customer behavior from a transaction-based paradigm to an access-based approach. Listeners have unrestricted access to the company’s library of more than 35 million tracks. Listeners may quickly search or filter for music by genre, album, and artist, thanks to Spotify’s systematic organization of these millions of tunes.


What is Spotify Easter Eggs?

“Easter Egg” sometimes refers to a secret or hidden message. During Spotify app updates in the last few years, interesting visual changes have been introduced that have captured the public’s attention. Most of these new features have been applied to both the desktop client and the mobile app, though the first is where most of them have been visualized.

Easter Eggs Feature On Spotify

Spotify Easter Eggs


Some Easter Eggs that you need to know

Over the years, Spotify has featured a lot of easter eggs. There are only five of them; therefore, they are not very common.

  • Stranger Things: a time when Stranger Things was made available on Netflix. If you were listening to the series’ music on Spotify, you would have seen this flashlight scene. It only became active after the user had been inactive on the screen for some time.
  • Nyan Cat: In 2011, Spotify introduced a progress bar with a Nyan Cat theme. It was only operational when Nyan Cat’s song Nyan Cat was playing. Unfortunately, this fun easter egg has now been taken down and won’t be coming back.
  • Star Wars-: The only live easter egg at the time on Spotify is the Star Wars one. Play any song from the Star Wars soundtrack, and you’ll be able to see it. You can click on three different lightsabers to change the color. There used to be more lightsabers available, but they have since been taken away. Additionally, a function allowed you to activate the lightsaber for the duration of the session regardless of the music you were listening to by typing “THX1138” into the Spotify search field. However, Spotify also dropped that function.
  • Pride -: When Spotify played during Pride Month in June 2018, the volume slider changed into a rainbow. Appealing, brief messages like “Loud and Proud” and “Never turn it Down” were displayed. There were several nations where this Easter Egg was active, and the slogans were also available in Spanish.
  • The Christmas Easter Egg-: If you listened to Christmas music during the holidays of 2019, the progress bar would transform into a candy cane, and snow would fall. As strange as it may appear, this easter egg received little attention because only one user on the internet appeared to have discovered it.

In a few years or so, check back in, as Spotify will add any further Easter eggs to this list. You’ll likely have to wait a year or two before Spotify adds another easter egg. Only four have been reported thus far in 10 years. You will never be able to experience the Nyan Cat, Pride, Christmas, or Stranger Things easter eggs again because they have been removed. I attempted to reactivate the Easter eggs by downloading older versions of Spotify, but it did not work.


Some essential tips for the Spotify Easter Eggs

    • For Lightsaber 
      • The Star Wars Easter Egg has been activated, which is why a lightsaber is displayed on the Spotify song progress bar.
      • There have only ever been two ways to obtain a lightsaber formally. The first step was starting the program and playing a tune from the Star Wars soundtrack. The second was to utilize “THX1138” to turn on the saber during the entire session.
  • For Stranger Things Spotify Easter Egg-: 
    • This mode is still functional; it is known to be momentarily enabled around Halloween. Because of this, Spotify eliminated the slider button for the Stranger Things option from the software application outside of October.



The business did a fantastic job of including secret Easter Eggs in its application. Many of their users have praised the concept and expressed how much they liked decorating the bars with hidden themes and effects while listening to their favorite music. Only a few of these patterns have been reported by individuals, but some may have gone unnoticed. Sadly, the Nyan Cat and the winter Easter Eggs were taken out and will never be seen again. In any case, the business values client feedback and welcomes recommendations. They intend to keep adding these unique themes gradually and over time. You are welcome to explore their community, where there is a part where you can vote to add new, intriguing effects. Over the past few years, numerous Easter Eggs have been used to personalize and spruce up the Spotify user interface. These include the Stranger Things mode, the rainbow-hued volume bar, the progress bars for the various colored lightsabers, the bar shaped like a candy cane for Christmas, the multicolored Nyan Cat bar, and so on.

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