How To Upload Music To Spotify As An Artist?

Having an Artist profile on Spotify means you have everything set up before launching your Music online. So for that, you need a verified Spotify artist profile and need to get your Music set up with music distributors. Spotify for an artist profile is when they recognize that you have submitted a song to them. So you have to upload your theme to your music distributor and then submit it to Spotify.


Uploading your Music on Spotify

Uploading Music on Spotify by yourself is impossible; the only way to get your Music and upload it to Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms is to use a distributor. Think of it like a mediator between the streaming services and your Music; you need to go to the middleman or these music distributors and get them to upload your Music to Spotify. Why do Spotify, Apple music, and all these other Music streaming services do this? They do that because they can control the submissions by having these approved distributors and getting all the songs’ data. Make sure everything is in the suitable format, and then they upload it to Spotify, and you are an artist. So how to upload on Spotify? So to do that, you need to use one of the music distributors and get an idea and become familiar with some of the music distributors.

Add Your Music On Spotify As An Artist

Spotify Music For Artists


A solid grounding for your downloading 

 If you want to go out and upload your Music to Spotify, basically every music distributor out there will give you a solid grounding and understanding of what music distributor is right for you. What you need to have when you want to upload your Music to Spotify is the single artwork of this song, and you need the piece. There are two critical files for the maximum you need for each aspect. For example, for the single artwork of the album artwork, you need to have that specific pixel. Then it has two perfect squares that are 1500 by 1500 or 3,000 by 3,000 pixels. You can use these services like a canvas to ensure you get the correct dimensions for different song file formats.


You are formatting your file accordingly. 

 So typically, though, you are going to want to have a 16-bit file format for your song, and someone is mastering your music, they will know what that means; they will give you a 16-bit minimum, likely more like 24 once you have your artwork file formatted connectedly and once you have your music file formatted character. Then give the distributor the rest of the data attributes they are looking for. Besides, it will all be simple things like who wrote the song, who sings the music dependently or with the label, and when you want or not to remove the music. So straightforward questions and answers go through these things, and you will finally see the last step, saying, well, where do you want this Music to be distributed? You can choose which streaming services you want your Music published on.


Choosing the streaming services for your music

You can choose every streaming service, of which there are hundreds, or if you want to keep it simple, say Spotify or Apple music, you better go for all of them because that is more opportunity for you to have your Music. We listen to it, so make sure you click Spotify because your Music will be uploaded to Spotify. Complete the process, and then you have to sit back and wait between usually two to five minute days, sometimes more depending on the music streaming service. One thing you can do for Spotify is login into your Spotify for artists dashboard. There will be a section where you can see upcoming Music. Log into that every day after you complete the process with your distribution and wait to see when your song is going to pop up there because it will pop up there in the upcoming section of this Spotify for artist profile before it gets up on Spotify and that is very important to mention because you would provide with the opportunity.


Having access to the local files

Spotify curators, it is a free submission, and it is recommended to make that submission because it is the only other opportunity to get your Music to listen to more. Now you will know how to upload Music to Spotify. So it is not actually on the internet, but if you want to go on your Spotify account, you will listen to Music on your files; you can have that on your phone on whatever that you can do and how to do, for that you have to go into your Spotify account. You will have to go to the top of Spotify under preference, and inside pick; you need to go down to the bottom, where it says local files. Click the option to show local files, which will pop a thing on the left side that says local files.

Inside local files, you can have those songs on your laptop that you might want to listen to on your phone or your computer.



They are valuable for musicians and artists with many MP3s or demos after sessions that they want to have connected to those Spotify accounts. How do you upload these songs to Spotify once you turn on these local file references? Click here to go back to your preference, and you can see it under local files here at the source. So you are going to add your demos under your name, and then you will have a demo folder, and then you need to open it. So you can see, If you go back to the local files on the left, you will have your demos there that have formed sessions from the last few months, and that is quite valuable; you can take demos out of the house and listen to it too, so that’s how to upload Music to Spotify at the local level.

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