How To Add Songs To Spotify From YouTube?

YouTube includes many video resources, including movies, music videos, concerts, tutorials, TV shows, playlists, and more. The most popular video streaming platform worldwide is YouTube. You might desire to move songs from YouTube to Spotify at times when you discover a special music video on YouTube but not on Spotify. However, not every song on Spotify and YouTube can be used outside those two platforms. You should first download YouTube music if you wish to add it to Spotify.

However, all of YouTube’s content is strictly copyrighted; only subscribers to its premium service can download videos or music. The downloaded files can only be played within the YouTube app. You can use third-party software to save YouTube music videos or playlists to your hard disk to move songs from YouTube to Spotify. Then add pieces from your local folder on YouTube to Spotify.


Part 1: Download tracks from YouTube Music 

You could use KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter or YouTube Video Downloader Free in a few simple steps to download songs from YouTube Music to your computer.

Option 1: KeepMusic’s YouTube music converter.

To export and convert YouTube Music to simple audio clips in the formats of MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, or ALAC, use this expertly built application. You can watch the music video however you’d like. With the help of this fantastic assistance, your YouTube music may be played on various hardware and software platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and others!

Add Songs To Spotify From YouTube

Add YT Songs to Spotify


Let’s look at downloading songs from YouTube Music to a PC using KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter.

Step 1. Open your PC and launch KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter. On the startup page, click the Open YouTube Music Web Player button. To access the YouTube Music library’s contents, sign in to your YouTube Music (Free, Premium, or Family) account.

Step 2. Change YouTube Music’s output format to MP3, perfectly compatible with Spotify, in the Settings module. Additionally, you can adjust the output folder, bit rate, and sampling rate as needed.

Step 3. Navigate to the music library where the YouTube songs are located and hit the Add to list button. Check the boxes next to the music files you want to convert on the list. Finally, select Convert Now to begin the procedure.

Step 4. Once the conversion is complete, open the History menu to view all the successfully converted files. After the songs are finished, tap the folder icon to access the files saved on your computer quickly.

Option 2: Free YouTube Video Downloader

The program has a simple and intuitive design and is a user-friendly YouTube Downloader. You may easily download YouTube Music to your PC with a few clicks.

Step 1. First, get YouTube Video Downloader Free installed on your windows computer and start using it.

Step 2. To change the video quality (Low, Medium, High) and output path, click the “Settings” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3. After typing the song’s name, hit “Enter” on your keyboard, or copy and paste the song’s link into YouTube Video Downloader Free.

Step 4. Select the output folder in the previous step and then click the download icon to begin downloading the YouTube music.

The properly downloaded YouTube videos or audio can be found on your local drive by clicking the “Library” tab after downloading.


Part 2: Add songs to Spotify from YouTube Music

You need to submit the downloaded and converted mp3 file(s) to your Spotify account, which is more straightforward than the above processes.

Step 1. Start the Spotify app and sign in with your account as the first step.

Step 2. After selecting “Edit,” like “Preferences.”

Find the Local Files area (if you can’t see it, scroll down).

Step 3. To access the selected folder or folders containing your music files, click “Add a Source” near the bottom. Songs from that folder can be found in the Local Files option on the left.

After successfully adding a song or songs from YouTube Music to Spotify, you can add as many pieces as you like by simply repeating these procedures.



We hope this information was helpful and that you now understand how to upload songs from YouTube to Spotify.

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