How To Add Local Files To Spotify Mobile?

Know how to add local files to your song list on Spotify? If you feel like adding music to your playlists is a pain, you might want to look into this article. It walks you through the basics and explains how to add a file from your HDD or SD card to your playlist on Spotify.

Additionally, you can learn how to add local files on Spotify here. Let’s get started.

There are so many ways to add local files to the mobile version of Spotify. You can upload music from your PC or laptop, iPhone or Android smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device. Here’s how you do it.


How can you add local files to Spotify mobile?

Find a source that’s easy to share and has easy-to-publish content. You can add local media to your playlist on the platform or upload files from your computer, smartphone, or laptop. You can add the media to a cloud-based service such as Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Apple Cloud, or Google Photos. You can also upload the media to a site with a hosting account that allows you to share the file and store it in one place.

Add Local Files To Spotify Mobile

Move Local Files to Spotify Mobile


The steps to add local files to Spotify Mobile:

Adding local files to a playlist in the Android app is the first step to playing them on Android. Here’s a brief guide to doing so:

  1. Open your Spotify app on your computer and click the downward arrow beside your name in the top right corner.
  2. Click the ‘Settings’ button.
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Local Files’ area and turn on the ‘Show Local Files’ button.
  4. There should now be an ‘ADD A SOURCE’ button in the ‘Local Files’ section. Press this button.
  5. Select the folder that contains the audio or music files you want to play. Spotify will begin to download and load your local files.
  6. Go to the ‘Your Library’ tab in the left sidebar and choose ‘Local Files’ from the right panel to add your local songs to a playlist.
  7. Click the three dots towards the right of the music you wish to play to add it to the relevant playlist. Alternatively, you may make a new collection for your local files.
  8. You can access your library by opening the app on your smartphone and selecting ‘Your Library.’
  9. Your local files should now be available in the playlist. Until you find it, scroll through your playlist.


How long does it take to add local files to Spotify mobile?

Everyone’s unsure how long it takes to add local media to your playlist on the platform, but it’s not short. The average time is 6-8 hours, but remember that’s based on many factors, including your device’s speed and availability, the rate at which you’ve shared the playlist, and how many people are in the group you’re sharing it with.


Benefits of adding local files to Spotify mobile

Everybody loves adding local files to our playlists and has many ideas to do it better.

You can benefit from adding local files to your playlist on the platform:

  • It’s a single source of truth. You can’t know for sure where a particular track is from. You can only guess based on the metadata associated with it.
  • You can speed up the process. It takes about 5-10% longer to add a playlist to Spotify than to add a single file. That’s mainly because we’re trying to fit the data into a larger format to include more information.
  • You can add content to your playlist at any time. You can add new tracks, add tracks that have already been uploaded, or change the format of an existing way. As soon as you add the media to your playlist, it’s immediately available to be shared with other listeners.


Bottom line

As great as adding local files to your playlist on the platform is, it’s not enough. You must ensure that you are adding the correct files to the proper devices and for the right time slots on the calendar. It is the most critical factor in adding local media to your playlist on the platform. Your listeners are unlikely to notice if you’re not counting the correct media to your playlist on the forum.

Additionally, you can always change the format of the media you share with other listeners. If you want to make your playlist available to your followers at all times, you must share it with them in the correct format.

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