How To Get Spotify Premium On iPhone Forever?

Spotify and its features

With Spotify, you may access millions of songs and other works from authors all around the world. Spotify could be a digital music, podcast, and video service.

Simple tasks like playing music are entirely free. However, Spotify Premium is also an option. Regardless of whether or not you’ve got Premium, you can:

  • Receive suggestions based on your preferences.
  • Combine music and podcast libraries, plus more!

Spotify is accessible on various devices, computers, phones, tablets, speakers, TVs, and cars, and Spotify Connect makes shifting between them easy.

Get Spotify Premium On iPhone Forever

Lifetime Access to Spotify Premium On iPhone


Spotify Premium

Podcasts, Unlimited music, and other features are all included in Spotify Premium plans from 66 for one-time use while you’re in school.

 Among its several features are:-

  • Ad-free music streaming – Study until dusk. Until morning, dance.
  • No matter where you are, you can always listen without worrying about data.
  • Every situation deserves music – Incredible playlists, millions of music.
  • Easy on the ears – Premium gives each piece even better audio quality.

Users of Spotify can subscribe to its premium service to access an unlimited number of online songs and download high-quality songs without advertisements for offline listening on any device. Alternatively, people who cannot afford the $9.99 monthly subscription charge for the Premium plan can choose the Free plan. Still, they must abide by numerous restrictions, such as shuffle-mode playback and music funded by advertisements.

If you presently use a free Spotify membership and don’t want to pay for the premium version, you may still experience Spotify Premium for free during its 30-day trial period. Or are you looking for a different strategy to continue receiving Spotify Premium for free, say, after the trial period? No issue.


Is Spotify uncharged?

Yes! However, Spotify uses the numerous restrictions in the app’s free version to encourage more people to subscribe. For example, Spotify free users cannot download songs from the service for offline listening, may only shuffle play songs from the service, must put up with commercials when streaming Spotify, and so forth. Nearly 50% of Spotify customers decide to purchase Spotify Premium in response to these drawbacks.


Comparison of Spotify Free and Premium

There are several different Spotify subscription options available to you, including the Individual plan ($4.99/month), Duo plan ($2 accounts), Family plan ($6 charges), and Student discount ($4.99/month). A good option if you are a college student is the student discount. For others, I recommend the Family plan, where you may split the $15 with up to five additional subscribers and still receive the same level of service. However, obtaining Spotify Premium for free is preferable to purchasing a subscription.


How to Get a Free Premium Spotify Account on an iPhone?

Step 1: Launch your iPhone’s web browser application. You can then access the official Spotify website page.

Step 2: Tap the “three-line” icon and select “Log In” to enter the information for your Spotify account. Please select the “Subscription” column under the “Account Overview” option.

Step 3: A sizable “Try Premium Free” button is on the popping window. It can be clicked to launch a free Spotify Premium iOS trial.

Step 4: You must provide your credit card or PayPal payment information. After that, kindly select “Start 30-Day Trial Now” to confirm and obtain a free iPhone version of Spotify Premium.


4 Ways to Get Free Spotify Premium Access for Life

The methods we provide in this section are guaranteed to work on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Some solutions include being part of a family plan, creating numerous free trial accounts, downloading the Spotify mod, and installing Spotify++ using an installer program.

Remember that we aim to access all the premium features without paying, not just the commercials. So, if someone advises you to download certain apps to remove Spotify adverts, don’t believe them. More is available than that.

Method 1: Sign up for several Spotify Premium free trials.

Spotify offers one-month, three-month, and six-month free trials. Many individuals are only familiar with the first. We may combine and benefit from the three different trial kinds if we know them.

Spotify offers a free trial that lasts one month before we have to pay for a premium subscription. Everyone gets access to this information because it is stated on the official premium website.

Method 2: Use the Spotify Mod APK  (Premium Unlocked)

Anyone who installs the Spotify premium apk mod will have access to the premium features because it is a modified and cracked version of the Spotify app. To permanently use all of the paid features, you do not need to purchase a premium subscription! Only Android devices can use this program, although Windows devices can install it with Bluestacks Android Emulator.

Method 3: Download Spotify++ (No Jailbreak, No Revoke)

You might be curious to know what Spotify++ is. How can it aid in my free access to Spotify Premium? It is a specifically created Spotify version that grants users free access to premium features, much to Spotify Premium Apk. The distinction is that this app is iOS-compatible. There are many different ways to install Spotify++ if you Google it. We’ll now go over the quickest method for installing Spotify++ on iOS.

Method 4: Sign up for a Spotify Family Plan with someone else

Users of Spotify have four options when selecting a premium membership. There are only three options available if you’re not a student. The family plan, which has six premium accounts, is one of them. Just ask them to add you as one of the six family accounts if you have a chance to know a friend or family member who purchased the family plan.

This approach is more accessible than the first three, but it is predicated on the idea that you have a friend or family member who will assist you. One drawback is that you will receive a family-mixed playlist that contains all the songs that family plan members, including you, have listened to. That entails a minor invasion of privacy.

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