How To Post Music On Spotify?

Spotify is accessible to music lovers in more than 60 countries and territories. By uploading your music to Spotify, you greatly expand your audience and increase your chances of being found by people worldwide.


How to Upload Music to Spotify?

It may seem overwhelming at first to submit music to Spotify as an independent artist.

It happens due to the lack of an “upload” option on Spotify for regular users. A “DSP” is what you need to use to upload your music to Spotify.

A Digital Service Provider is referred to as a DSP. A digital service provider is a business that specializes in distributing media, such as your music, to different streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora. These services are excellent, but there is a catch: Usually, you’ll have to pay a fee. However, the good news is that you’ll also get paid royalties when your song is played on any streaming service you upload it to. If you’re unfamiliar with royalties, they are the sum of money you’ll get concerning the number of streams (plays) your song receives.

A  free DSP is included in this article to provide you with even more cost-effective options.

While choosing which DSP is best for you may seem like the best option, there are a few considerations. While some DSPs only accept applicants by invitation, others ask you to submit an application that will either be approved or rejected. Fewer people applying to these DSPs means your chances of getting accepted are higher. Additionally, many of them take the music of all genres.

It may all sound a little confusing, so to help you find the right DSP, we’ve put together a list with some of our favorites! Typically, you’ll get approved if your music is of good quality or if there is an audience for it. Because each of the DSPs listed below also uploads your music to several other platforms, using the websites listed below to get your track uploaded to Spotify can help you accomplish a lot.

Post Music On Spotify

Spotify Music Upload


Here are some DSPs that can be used:


Among these DSPs, only RouteNote will provide free Spotify uploads of original music.

This DSP will distribute your music to an additional 19 platforms. The platform’s only flaw is that you only receive 85% of the money made from each song that is posted. The complete list of venues to which this DSP will upload your track is provided here.

However, you only need to pay a fee if you want to receive 100% of the royalties from your track. You are free to choose to do this at any time. It benefits you because you can upload the channels that aren’t performing as well for free while paying the fee for the ones that are and reaping the rewards. This DSP is a great choice if you don’t mind giving up 15% of your track’s earnings.


Tune Core has been working to level the playing field for all missions since 2006. For more than ten years, they have promoted Indian artists worldwide. Anyone can use Tune Core to share their music on Spotify.

Another excellent choice is TuneCore, which offers a variety of packages and distributes your music for a fairly reasonable price. You could pay 9.99 USD for a single release or 29.99 USD for two or more songs to be released on Spotify. Once a year, this fee is renewed for each post. Even more remarkable is that TuneCore will do more than upload your music to Spotify. They also distribute your music to numerous other platforms, including MixRadio, MUVE Music, eMusic, Simfy, Deezer, X-Box Live, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. The benefits don’t end there, either. This DSP provides these additional fantastic features:

You retain ownership of your music’s rights. 100% of your music royalties are yours to keep. You are granted entry to Apple Music Trend Reports. You receive monthly reports on music sales. You receive a free media player and personalized cover art. This service will also accept your choice of song. The only real drawback is that this service is fee-based, but it is still well worth it.

  • Create a TuneCore account to upload your music to Spotify.
  • Select the release type you want on Spotify: single or album.
  • Put your songs on Spotify by uploading your music.
  • Include musicians so that they receive credit when your songs are played.
  • Get your music on Spotify once TuneCore has given it the go-ahead.
  • Take a look at your streaming and sales reports.
  •  You can keep 100% of your revenue.

The person can claim their profile on Spotify for artists once the music has been uploaded. This platform enables you to pitch songs for playlists, add new photos, edit your profile, and more.


Another versatile platform that does more than upload your music to Spotify is LANDR. They even provide a mastering service to get your music ready for distribution.!For a monthly fee (for most packages), you can subscribe to this DSP with no content posting restrictions.


“Artists Without A Label” or AWAL for short.

The purpose of the DSP is to provide artists with all the benefits of being on a label without requiring them to sign away the rights to their music. With AWAL, you can distribute your music for no direct cost to Spotify and many other streaming services, but there are some drawbacks. They take a 15% cut of your royalties to start. They also require you to apply much like a traditional label and be accepted. Fortunately, they aren’t quite as picky. They want to distribute music, so that’s their primary objective. They don’t adhere to any one style or genre.

You should be familiar with how to upload your music to Spotify and how to choose the best DSP for distribution by now.

Understand the status of your royalties. Do they cut a deal? Are you paying a fee to ensure you receive all the royalties? It is very significant! Think about the DSP you desire. Are you primarily interested in getting your music on different streaming services, or do you also want the DSP to master your tracks or promote your content? Interested in getting your music on various streaming services, or do you also wish the DSP to master your tracks or promote your content? Choose the provider you believe will best meet your needs by considering what you will want or need in the future. And you can easily upload your music on Spotify using any DSP.

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