How To Pre-Save An Album On Spotify?

In 2008 digital music streaming platform named Spotify was launched and changed everything in the music world. It has since dominated the music streaming services field among competitors like Apple Music. Spotify is not the only platform where you can listen to music; it provides a whole other experience of listening to music which makes it different from others. It has a variety of music with different genres, podcasts, and movie tracks all in one place. It is free of charge to use. These are some of the qualities which help Spotify to stand out. With all these features, Spotify has introduced a new feature of pre-saving an album.


What is pre-saving on Spotify?

Spotify’s new feature of pre-saving is just like pre-ordering. It’s all about the music’s marketing and the users’ eagerness to access it as soon as possible. It is a win-win situation for both sides. Pre saving album is a very beneficial feature for music lovers as they can pre-save the music from their favourite artist and not worry about missing out on the music when it is released.

The pre-save feature will automatically add their pre-saved music to their music libraries as soon it gets released. They will automatically be able to listen to their favourite music without putting effort into searching for it when it gets released. This also helps various artists to create buzz around while releasing their music. It increases the reach of their music, and this feature enables the artist’s music to be more visible on users’ feeds, as the music marketing has to begin before the music is released.


How can we pre-save an album on Spotify?

Well, most artists, to promote their music, most artists provide various pre-save album links on their websites, which, when clicked, help you to pre-save their albums on Spotify. So when it is released, it automatically shows in your music library. So basically, the procedure consists of three easy steps:

  1. Firstly you need to visit the website of the particular artist and search for the album you are looking for pre-saving.
  2. Secondly, you need to click on the pre-save button, which is provided for the album to pre-save.
  3. By clicking on the button, you are directly transferred to your Spotify account, where you need to follow the instructions by clicking on the complete button, and the forthcoming music is saved on your account. If your Spotify account is not already logged in to the system, you will be asked to provide your login credentials, and after providing your username and password, you can proceed further.

The pre-save feature of Spotify is still in its testing phase for the android platform, but it is accessible to iPhone users. It will soon be available for Android users too. The pre-save feature is doing wonders for the artists to promote their music and creates a new experience feature for music lovers. Traits like these help Spotify improve its platform more than other music streaming services.

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