Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing iPhone?

Spotify is an excellent manner of experiencing your favorite songs and podcasts. But it may be frustrating if Spotify pauses without warning – mainly when all you need to do is get into the groove of your favorite song. If you are busy and do not have much time to relax, spending your limited enjoyment time looking to fix the issue may be an actual dealbreaker. It makes you question whether or not it is time to replace Spotify with any other streaming service. But that still means letting go of your personally curated playlists.

However, customers have mentioned that they are going through a few problems with the application’s playback and that it pauses or stops every few seconds.

Please keep reading to discover more about why Spotify keeps pausing and how to fix it.


Why does my Spotify keep stopping?

Some motives are probably causing the Spotify playback to pause or the complete app to crash. The problem can be corrupted cache files, usage via someone else, low power mode, poor net connection, server crashes, etc. Hence, to repair the issue, customers might need to try a couple of fixes earlier than they can get rid of the problem.

Spotify Keep Pausing iPhone

Spotify Pausing on iPhone


Why Does Spotify Keep Pausing Every 30 Seconds? 

If your Spotify pauses every 30 seconds, it may be because of its association with different apps, like Discord. When using any function on Discord that uses your mic, like Voice calls, Screenshare, and such, Spotify will stop playing. It is because Discord wants to respect Spotify’s terms and conditions. You can modify the voice hobby sensitivity or select Push-to-Talk not to allow Discord to hit upon your mic. Meanwhile, when you have connected your Spotify to Discord, weak connectivity and different reasons also can bring about this problem. So, try disconnecting Spotify from your Discord and see if it solves the problem.

  • Turn Off Low Power Mode

All mobile devices have a low-power mode option that reduces background action, preserving battery life. Low power mode often cuts off background refresh for apps, shuts off computerized mail retrieval, and prevents downloads. In different cases, it could interfere together with your Spotify stream. Turn it off if you listen to Spotify with low power mode enabled. On an iPhone, that is as easy as dragging down from the top-right nook of the display screen and tapping the battery icon.

  • Turn Off Data Saver Mode

Spotify has an integrated Data Saver mode that reduces the number of facts the app makes use of while you are streaming over mobile networks. This mode can probably interfere with playback quality and result in Spotify pauses. To enter Data Saver mode, tap the gear icon in the top-right corner of the display screen, after which tap Data Saver from the list. Ensure the slider is about to be Off.

  • Restart Your Device

One of the best ways to address real issues with Spotify pausing is to reset your tool. You can carry out a reset on a mobile device or choose Restart from the Start menu on your computer. However, it is regularly better to absolutely power down the tool for a minimum of 15 seconds earlier than restarting. Doing this clears any data saved in temporary memory and is one of the maxima recommended ways to real troubles like this. Once 15 seconds have passed, turn your tool back on and attempt Spotify again.

  • Keep Your Device Up to Date

There are instances when Spotify does not function correctly after an update, mainly after OS updates. Make sure to maintain your mobile device updated with the modern-day version of the OS. One alternative is to allow automatic updates. Another is to test whether a replacement is currently available manually. To try this on iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update. On Android, visit Settings, select System updates, and check for system updates.

  • Sign Out Everywhere

Several Spotify customers have suggested that signing out of their accounts on each device earlier than logging back in can cause issues with common pausing in Spotify.

To try this, visit your account to evaluate a page. Once on this page, scroll right down to the lowest and choose the Sign Out button. Once you try this, you will want to log lower back into your account.

  • Connect or Disconnect From WiFi

Spotify lets you pick from several quality levels to stream your music.  The base level for the track is 160 kbps and calls for add and download speeds of 384 kbps. The following story is 320 kbps and calls for add and download speeds of 512 kbps. For lossless quality streaming, you want at least 2 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up.

  • Reinstall Spotify

If you have attempted those different methods and they do not work for you, do away with Spotify out of your tool. On a computer, this indicates uninstalling the program. On the phone, delete the app. Remove all traces of Spotify, after which re-download the app. Errors can occur in the course of setup that could result in playback issues. You can work from a fresh, updated install by removing the app and reinstalling it.

  • Check Your AirPods

If you use Bluetooth headphones, ensure no set can affect your experience. For example, Apple’s AirPods will pause the song if one is removed from your ear. If your Bluetooth device is malfunctioning, it can reason Spotify to pause.

These are some of the many possible methods to fix a Spotify account that can not stream audio and continues stopping. While attempting the primary one may fix the problem with a person proper away, one may try some of them earlier than their Spotify usually starts working. Stay tuned for more excellent Spotify-associated content and other tech news.

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