How To Change Your Spotify Password Without Email?

Passwords are too complex, and many of us usually forget the password we set up while creating an account on any particular application. So what to do in such situations when your idea about what your sword is? The ultimate way that comes to everybody’s mind to recover your password is through getting a notification/message on the email and then login back into your account, but how resetting your password on Spotify without email is even possible or not is the big question that arises. It is too dicey how it is possible to login back into your Spotify account without using your email id. The answer is that yes, you can also change your Spotify password without the email.

So now, let us go deep and learn to reset the Spotify password without even using your email and log back into your account with the new credentials.

How to modify your Spotify password without using email?

Change Your Spotify Password Without Email

No Email Password Change on Spotify


  • Visiting Spotify Support 

You first need to go to your Google search and type in the Spotify contact form, and the first option you will be able to access is, and then you need to click on that. So go ahead and click on that, and then it will bring you to the page, which makes you go through the page where you will get to know how to contact them and troubleshoot your login.

 Now what you want to do is to go underneath chat and go to contact. That will bring you to the page, and that is your login page. If you don’t have your username and have forgotten your password, you can sign in with it to know your phone number, or you can go in if you have connected through Facebook, Google, or Apple. They have different kinds of methods to log in, so you don’t need your email, but if you forget your password and have long trained with any of those other options, you are the kindest talk.

  • Telling the issue you are facing. 

Now we want to go to forget the password, and you will hit Spotify support at the very bottom underneath. Then it is going to bring you to the contact phase, so it gives you a bunch of different options, and then what you do is to log in and then say I can’t log into my Spotify and then say I need help, and they’re here it is going to give you a handful of information. You need to fill it out to show you can go ahead with the type of subscription if you are doing a premium trial. Free then, the email that was a list with this Spotify put your full name in the description.

You are going to write all the data. If there are a couple of different images that might be under-put, give all the description and the stuff. You can go if it is a premium account with your credit card information. So, you know, you can verify through that, so you can, like, say, hey, I can prove my credit card later that is connected to the account. Just put as much information there as possible and then send a question, and they will get in contact with you within 24 hours. You will be able to get it into your account again. By doing this, you can reset your password without email with the help of Spotify support.

  • Visiting Spotify Settings

You will first have to open Spotify if you have forgotten your password. Now you have to go to the homepage and click on the settings, and now you have to scroll down, and then you have to click on ort; it will open the support page on your Google, and now on the top solution, you can say that is written can’t set the password. So click on that, and over there, you have to scroll down and click on the link provided to reset your password, so there you will be asked to enter a Spotify username registered with them and then click on send.

  • Sending Messages to the Spotify support team

It will show that the message has been successfully sent to you by mail with the instructions on how to reset your password. Still, then the problem arises of how to set the password without email; for that, you will visit Spotify support; there, you will get an option to chat with their support team so, by talking with them, you can reset your password again. Within 24 hours, you will get a reply from their support team. They will provide you with the link to reset your password. So you need to enter the password twice; once that is done, others will confirm it, and then you can successfully login into your Spotify account with your new password without using your email id.

  • Using the gear icon

The most basic method of changing the password is to go on the gear icon that is on the top right corner of the also supportive screen, and then you need to scroll down until you see the help button and click on the help button from where you can easily reset your password. Still, there are a few cases where there is no button; as such, it is set as your password, so in that case, you can visit Then reset your password by seeking support from this Spotify support team. You can communicate with their support team, which will help you set passwords without your email. It would help if you remember your username so that no more troubles should be caused; you and your request to reset your password will take place immediately.

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