How To Gift Spotify Premium?

How to Gift Spotify Premium

Spotify is becoming more popular these days, with over 300 million active users. The service lets you listen to music and has podcasts on different topics. It is the best place for you to discover new artists who are not mainstream, which gives you the chance to come across a new and unique variety of music.

A Spotify gift card is a unique popular music streaming service feature. With this, you gift a person free access to a gigantic library of all kinds of music with added benefits. As such, Spotify has a vast collection of music from various artists from all around the world.

The Spotify gift card looks like a green card containing a unique code. You use this code to access the premium Spotify account. Or, you can get the code via email or text. But when you gift it to someone, it is better to get a card for the appeal.


How to Gift Spotify Premium to Someone?

If you want to gift Spotify Premium to a friend or loved one, here is how to do it. But before that, here are some things about this special Spotify gift. First, the gift card can only be used within the same country it was purchased from. This means you cannot gift it to someone living in a different country than yours. And second, you can only use the gift for an individual subscription.

You can buy the Spotify gift card from the official website or online shopping apps like e-bay, amazon, or other. You can also get it from your local retailers. So, here is how to buy the gift card from the Spotify website.

  • First, open the Spotify website and log in. And, if you don’t have an account, you will need to make one.
  • Now, go to your account page and select ‘Share Spotify.’ You can head over to the Spotify premium gift page via the ‘buy an e-card’ link.
  • Once you are on the page, select your subscription period. And then, fill in the details like your country, email, and delivery date.
  • After that, you can design the gift card as you wish.
  • Next, fill in other details like your name, the person you are gifting it to, and the person’s email. You can also attach a short personal message to the gift. Once you are done, you can watch a little preview of the gift.
  • Now, you need to make your payment. You can pay via your card or go for an online payment option.


What is the Validity of a Spotify Gift Card?

Speaking of the validity of the Spotify gift card, it is precisely twelve months, starting from the date of purchase. Also, if you purchase a gift card from retail shops or amazon, you cannot get a refund from the website. But you can return it to the shop.


Can you use a Gift Card for Premium Family?

The Spotify family plan is for a maximum of six members. This plan is very beneficial when you and your family members live together. Each member can have an account with a single bill of 15 USD per month. So, each member can listen to and create playlists of their favorite music using their account. All without any ads. These personal accounts will not have access to one another. But, the primary account can have full access to all accounts.

Moreover, you can also enable parental control to keep young children away from adult content on the platform. Also, to use Spotify’s premium family pack, you will have to provide your home address via Google maps. And update it from time to time.

Although the family premium plan is a pretty good deal, there is one disadvantage. It is that you cannot use a Spotify gift card to pay for your premium family pack. As such, gift cards are only available for single or individual subscriptions.


How do you Redeem the Spotify Gift Card?

You just received a Spotify gift card, but you don’t know how to redeem it. No need to worry because here is an easy guide on how to do it using your phone or laptop.

  • Open your browser and visit the official Spotify website. 
  • Now, open your profile page. But, if you don’t have a Spotify account, you will have to create one for this to work. 
  • Then, from the sidebar, select ‘redeem.’ 
  • Once the page opens, enter the redeem code from the gift card.
  • Now, verify the captcha and then click ‘Continue.’

However, if you are still facing trouble activating it, here are a few things you can try.

  • Check the code carefully; you could have misunderstood a letter or a number.
  • Refresh your page.
  • Use a different device.
  • Use another internet connection or use mobile data.
  • Clear your cache.
  • Update your browser and remove ad blockers.
  • Wait for twenty-four hours, and then try again.


What’s included in the Spotify Premium Gift?

With a premium gift card, you can listen to your favorite artist anytime and wherever you want. Since you can download the songs, you can even listen to them when you are offline. And, You get to enjoy a higher music quality that is not available in the free version, along with other unique features like listening to songs on repeat. But the best thing is that you don’t have to deal with annoying ads and pre-rolls. Moreover, you can create your playlist and access popular playlists for free. Remember, your premium gift subscription will only last till the set time.

Music is the most magnificent of all human creations, which makes this the best kind of gift. Young or adult, anyone can enjoy this gift freely to their heart’s content. So, next time you feel confused about what to buy for a loved one, surprise them with a Spotify premium gift card. Be it a festival, birthday, or a get well soon card; you can use this gift to win them over.

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