How To Get The New Spotify Design?

With Spotify, you may access millions of songs and other works from authors all around the world. An online music, podcast, and video platform called Spotify. However, Spotify Premium is also an option. Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon founded Spotify on April 23, 2006, a Swedish provider of media services, this includes audio streaming. One of the largest providers of music streaming services, as of September 2022, it had over 456 million monthly active users, including 195 million premium customers. The shares of Spotify Technology S.A., a holding company with its headquarters in Luxembourg City, are traded as American depositary receipts on the New York Stock Exchange.

More than 8.2 crores of songs, including those with digital copyright restrictions, are available on Spotify from record labels and media firms. As part of a freemium service, essential functions are provided with advertisements and limited control; however, other features, like offline listening and commercial-free listening, are only accessible with premium subscriptions. The Spotify apps allow users to browse or search for music based on various criteria, including artist, album, genre, playlist, and record label. Users can collaborate on playlist creation, edit, share, post tunes to social media, and share playlists with other users.


What exactly is Spotify Design? 

The new Spotify redesign makes it simple for you to move music and podcasts. You can watch the podcast episodes and shows you want to listen to. Users can tap or swipe to switch between music and podcasts with the latest update. Three things are included in the 2020 makeover of Spotify: shows, downloads, and episodes. You can return to the podcasts you are listening to or search for new episodes using the episodes tab.

Additionally, it’s simple to pick up where you left off. The most recent episodes of all your favourite series are available as you scroll down. The new Spotify user interface delivers a significantly better user experience than the old one.

The music tab has been improved to make it simpler for users to obtain the information they want. Direct access is available to the playlist section. The new Spotify design is simple and provides an excellent user experience. You can conveniently keep all your favourite tracks with the new Android version of Spotify. Selecting all songs from the three-dot more menu and then clicking “Save,” you may add them to your “Liked Songs” list.

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How can you get a new Spotify design?  

With its straightforward interface and extensive selection of widgets, themes, and icons, Wondershare Mockitt makes it simple to remodel Spotify. The good news is that you don’t need to be a skilled designer to change Spotify’s user interface. When redesigning the Spotify app, understanding its features and utilizing them was crucial. Follow these steps:-

  • Launch a new project: 

Click “Create” then “Prototype” on Mockitt. Name your project; in this instance, it is the redesign of the Spotify app. Select the device on which you wish to run the 2021 Spotify redesign. You can select a watch, a web page, a mobile device, or a tablet. Choose a mobile, then an Android or an iPhone. You will now start working on the Spotify U.I. redesign.

  • Start the redesign of Spotify.

After creating your Spotify Android redesign project:

  1. Start clearing the field to make the design canvas’s background white.
  2. Choose a “Rectangle” from the platform’s many widgets.
  3. Add the Spotify logo to the canvas’s top.
  4. Select the Spotify logo from “Library,” then click “Mine,” and integrate it into your design screen.
  5. Change its proportions to meet your own needs for the Spotify ios redesign.
  6. Move the Spotify logo upward and center it horizontally.
  7. Add the search bar.

To do this, navigate to widgets, choose “Text input,” drag it to the canvas, and effectively change its width. Go to “Appearance,” select “Radius,” and set the corners’ proportions appropriately to give it a contemporary appearance. The “Text Layer” must be changed to “Search.”

Add the widgets and icons you like. Drag and drop them onto the design canvas by using a double click. Once they are on the canvas, please navigate to the settings to resize, rearrange, and give them the desired appearance. To do this, select “Appearance.”

  • Design Collaboration

Make a copy of the home screen. But first, change its name to “home screen 2.” When you hold down on the home screen, a thunderbolt will emerge. Click on it, drag it to the home screen 2, and drop it there. A connection to the second home screen is established when you create an “Event” in this area. User can now add their image to the page. Insert the image by selecting “Library,” “Mine,” and select it.

Change the event’s options to produce animation by selecting the “Event” that the user created. Select “Tab menu,” “Tap,” and “Hold” from the list. Choose none for the transition and 200 ms for the length or any other option that suits your preferences. For the delay part, repeat the process. Choose from various animations to include depending on your needs for a Spotify revamp.


Listen to a preview of the new Spotify.

To experience your redesigned Spotify app, click “Preview.” By selecting “Share” to create a Q.R. code or sharing the link, you may also make it available for viewing by others. As a result, you receive feedback that can assist you in making the best progress.



You have had a terrific experience with Spotify’s iOS revamp because the links are more extensive, and the process is more user-friendly. Since the procedure is more streamlined, you will find it friendlier. You have a fantastic opportunity to test your abilities and see what you can do in the industry with the Spotify U.I. makeover. It enables you to pick up new abilities that you may use to produce more individualized designs. Additionally, you are skilled in design work. You discover that mastering high-level design abilities entails performing a few straightforward tasks and learning more complicated techniques that help you become an expert in digital design. Before turning them into a working prototype, you must understand how to design high-fidelity wireframes based on the user flow.

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