Why Are My Spotify Stats Wrong?

It may be fun to show off what you’ve created with Spotify Wrapped to other people. On the other hand, it does bring up a few questions that need answering. Is this the music that’s been played mostly on my iPod? It’s hard for me to think that I haven’t already put this newly discovered musician in my top five list. And despite that, it needs to be correct. Spotify should have already generated a year-end report on my listening habits and provided it to me by now.


Why are your stats on Spotify wrong?

When it comes to tracking, Spotify isn’t exactly generous with information. On the other hand, Last. Fm allows me to live-stream every song. As a consequence of this, we are aware that Last. Fm offers a dependable benchmark.

Consequently, I looked into the methods that Spotify uses for tracking in hopes of discovering an explanation for the disparity. You can find the answer to your problem in this post made by a moderator on the Spotify Community board. Your totals for the Year Wrapped feature do not consider the songs you listened to in November and December. It is easy to understand why some of Spotify’s suggested songs can occasionally take users by surprise. There is not the slightest consideration given to the songs that are currently playing in your head or that are recent in your mind. Neither of these factors is taken into account.

It is also fair to include a deadline in the request. It is up to Spotify to compile all of the relevant information and create the display. Any listening after the Year Wrapped album has been made public will not be included in the compilation. But if that’s the case, why begin in December? You may make it an annual tradition on the New Year’s holiday. Another topic worth asking is why it takes two months to generate the data that Last. Fm monitors in real-time. I can go there on any day of the year and get a summary of my listening habits for a specific period if it interests me. These inquiries most likely have answers that can be considered logical, but I do not know what those answers are. Please come to my rescue in this situation!

Spotify Showing Wrong Statistics

Spotify Stats Wrong


At this very moment, you could be saying to yourself, “Okay, big deal.” Despite this, most of your most popular bands and songs were copies of each other in some way. It’s true, but it took place by accident, according to my activity on Last. Fm throughout November and December 2019, the Red Hot Chili Peppers were among the musicians I listened to the most. RHCP did not appear on my Spotify playlists because they were released too early for the 2020 Wrapped playlist and too late for the 2019 Wrapped playlist.

If Spotify is the only way you listen to music or watch music videos, you won’t have to worry about this issue. However, even though Spotify is so widely used, a vast amount of high-quality music can be found on other platforms that are not offered by the industry behemoth. If you additionally listen to music on streaming sites regularly, such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc., then your results will be even more skewed. These tracks will not appear on your Spotify Wrapped playlist of any kind. On the other hand, Last. Fm monitors listeners from every single country in the world. If one of your favourite albums is only accessible on Bandcamp, then the tracks from that album could very well be among your top 5 favourite songs overall. The playlist for this year began in January, much to your surprise as well as the surprise of everyone who only checks out your Spotify Wrapped post at the end of the year. Despite what Spotify asserts, the Year Wrapped function on their website is not factual. The most crucial aspect is that it exclusively utilizes data from January through October when most listeners are actively engaged. Songs that were aired between November and December were not given credit. Last. Fm will preserve a record of the songs you listen to no matter where you are. You will obtain a more realistic view of your performance using their graphs.

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