How To Undownload Songs On Spotify?

With Spotify, you may listen to music without a mobile network without any issues. Streaming music cannot be played without a connection to Spotify. Songs eating up space is the sole drawback of downloading Spotify albums and playlists. Owners of phones can check the storage capacity on their smartphones, which also reveals which applications are taking up the most room. If there is much-downloaded content, the amount of disc space consumed by Spotify might rise fast.

It’s simple to empty the caches, delete downloaded music from your smartphone using Spotify, and examine what Spotify is utilizing your phone’s storage capacity for. Removing downloaded playlists or albums from your Spotify collection is impossible. But in the future, listening to that content will need internet audio streaming.

The steps for deleting downloaded music and other data from your smartphone are explained in this article.


How to un-download songs on Spotify?

We must first identify the source of the downloaded tracks before we discuss how to delete the content. The Spotify Library is where the music is located. As a result, unlike music stored on your smartphone, which you can remove by touching and deleting from your phone, uninstalling downloaded tracks from Spotify requires a somewhat different procedure.

Here are a few simple steps to accomplish it:

  • Get Spotify open.
  • Select “Your Library” from the menu at the bottom right.
  • Choose the music or album you wish to delete.
  • Find and press the green download option (it resembles an arrow pointed down).

After this step, all downloaded tracks will be immediately deleted from your system. Please don’t assume that since you uninstalled the downloaded music from your smartphone, they are also gone from your Spotify library. The music is still there, but without the need for internet access, you cannot listen to them.

The download icon appears differently for music in your Liked folder. On the upper right corner of your screen, it is also green. Hit the button once, and it will become grey, erasing any previously-liked music you have downloaded.

Delete Downloaded Spotify Songs

Spotify Songs Undownload


Another point to remember is that similarly to not being able to download a single song, the most recent mobile app version does not permit you to remove a piece of specific downloaded music. A playlist or album may only be downloaded in its entirety.


How to un-download podcasts on Spotify?

In case you weren’t aware, you may download complete podcasts or specific programs that intrigue you. You may remove downloaded podcasts in the same way when you’ve done listening to them. The main distinction is that you may download and delete particular podcast episodes.


How to un-download songs on Spotify from your PC?

You can choose to delete the downloaded tracks from Spotify if you use it to access music on your desktop. Here is how to do it:

  • Ensure you are signed in before you launch the Desktop app.
  • Go to the Library of your Spotify account.
  • Navigate to the playlist on your desktop that you wish to remove.
  • Select the Download icon in green.
  • You may effectively uninstall the music you had earlier downloaded in this way, and it won’t be deleted from your Library.

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