How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost?

How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost in US


One of the most valuable music subscription services accessible is Spotify Premium. You’ll get unlimited skips, free downloads, offline listening, and many other excellent benefits by upgrading your Spotify account. The free Spotify version of the famous music streaming service is a great way to feel how the platform operates, but the genuine Spotify must-haves are behind a monthly paywall. You’ll officially become a Spotify Premium subscriber once you start paying.


How much does Spotify Premium Cost in the US?

The standard cost for Spotify premium in the US is $ 9.99.


How much is Spotify Premium for One Person?

If you aren’t a student and don’t plan on sharing, the $9.99 Spotify Individual plan will most likely be your best option. The base plan for solitary listeners, often known as Spotify Premium, includes ad-free listening, song downloads for offline playing, and on-demand music streaming.


How much is Spotify for 2 Accounts?

If you share a room or have a companion who uses Spotify, you might want to look into Spotify’s Duo plan. Two persons can have their own Spotify Premium accounts for $12.99 per month. Consider it like getting two 12-month Spotify Individual subscriptions for one.

Spotify will also create a “Duo Mix” for the two of you. A playlist regularly updated with songs you both like, based on Spotify’s algorithm.

The only catch is that both people who sign up for the Duo plan must live in the same house. When they’re not in the same room, the accounts will still be accessible; however, Spotify will require both to authenticate that you live at the same address. If you are discovered to be living apart, the Duo plan will be canceled.


How much does Spotify Premium Cost for Students?

For college and university students, Spotify offers all of the benefits of its premium subscription at a discounted rate. This is the same as the Spotify Individual plan, except it’s only $4.99 a month. You also get access to a Hulu (ad-supported) subscription and Showtime if you live in the United States.

The Spotify Student discount, as we noted in our dedicated Spotify Student article, does not last indefinitely. Spotify Premium Student is available for a maximum of four years of study. It doesn’t matter if you finish your studies at the end of the four-year limit unless you cancel. Your Spotify Premium subscription will revert to the basic version.


How much is Spotify Premium for a Month? 

Those willing to pay a small fee have access to a slew of premium features, including over 70 million ad-free tunes and the ability to download music directly to a device for better streaming quality. You can also save tracks for offline listening, listen to Spotify Radio, and watch music videos and podcasts as a premium user. It also removes any restrictions on listening to Spotify from outside of the United States and any restrictions on using the Spotify mobile app. Premium can be tried for a month for free. So, $9.99 per month is the rate for Spotify premium.


How much is Spotify Premium for 3 Months?

Spotify has a premium 3-month free trial which gives you access to all premium features. You can try Spotify Premium for only $0.99 for three months for a limited time. $0.99 for the entire three-month term, not $0.99 per month.

After the trial period, you’ll have to pay the regular price for Spotify Premium, which is now $9.99 per month.

If you don’t want to pay the total amount for the service after the trial, you can cancel and return to the free tier. Of course, this will mean returning to ad interruptions, which you may not be able to bear after three months of ad-free paradise.

This bargain is currently active in both the United States and the United Kingdom.


How much is Spotify Premium for 6 Months?

Gift cards are available on Amazon for $60 to get a Spotify subscription for 6 months. This can be bought on online websites like amazon. There are also ways to get free subscriptions for 6 months, just like getting free subscriptions for 3 months, as mentioned in the previous question.


How much is Spotify Premium for a Year?

Spotify doesn’t have any yearly subscription for any users of Spotify. However, there are gift cards available online which provide 12 months annual subscriptions at the rate of $99. These gift cards are available online.


How much is Spotify Premium for the Family?

If you live at home with your family and all of you use Spotify, you should look into Spotify’s Family plan. Six family members each get their own Spotify Premium account for $15.99 per month.

Spotify will create a “Family Mix” for you, which, like the Duo Mix, is a playlist curated by Spotify based on data gathered through its algorithm. Music that is guaranteed to be loved by all members will be played here. Children and younger family members can use the Spotify Kids app.

Everyone must confirm that they live under the same roof, just as they did with the Duo plan.


How much is the Tax for Spotify Premium? 

Spotify is a telecommunications service that is taxable under the PST. You are compelled to keep track of your expenditures for subscriptions like Spotify or Netflix and pay taxes on them.

A full year of Spotify Premium costs $179.88 plus tax, which can help with budgeting.

Spotify Family, a means to share a premium subscription with up to four other Spotify customers, was announced today by the streaming music provider. Each month’s cost for two users is $14.99, $19.99 for three users, $24.99 for four users, and $29.99 for all five users.

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