Why Is My Spotify Gift Card Not Working?

What is a Spotify Gift Card?

You can use a Spotify Gift Card to buy a premium platform membership. Amazon, Target, Best Buy, CVS, and PayPal are a few retailers where you can get Spotify gift cards online and offline. You can redeem all presents online at; for the digital version, all you need is the recipient’s email address.

Access Or Redeem Gift Card On Spotify

Reasons For Inactive Spotify Gift Card


How to get access to a gift card or redeem it?

Follow these steps to redeem your Spotify-:

Please visit to redeem the Card.

  • You must first sign up for a Spotify account at to be qualified to redeem or use the Card. You must adhere to the age (and any other) restrictions outlined in the Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use to use or sign up for a Spotify account, and you must also accept those terms.
  • Anyone can only use the Card once. As a result, when you use a Gift Card or eGift Card to purchase a Spotify Premium subscription, the absolute value of the Card will be used to buy a certain number of months’ worth of access, calculated by multiplying the total value of the Card by the monthly subscription cost.
  • Gift cards will pay for your Spotify subscription with the number of subscription months listed on the Subscription Card or eCard when you redeem one for a Spotify Premium membership.
  • The Card can only be used to pay for the subscription services mentioned above and cannot be exchanged for other goods or services.


Limitation of Spotify Gift Card

It is important to know these things about Spotify Gift Card-:

  • Spotify gift cards can only be used to start or continue paying for Premium Individual plans.
  • The Card has no cash value, is nonrefundable, and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • You cannot use the Premium Student, Premium Family, Premium Duo, and trial deals with them.
  • They are available from reputable retail and electrical retailers in 1, 3, and 12-month values.
  • Your account’s national or regional settings must correspond to where you bought the gift card.
  • Subscribers can redeem only 18 months’ worth of Premium credit on their account.
  • The gift card is applied to the next payment date for your membership. After the entire value of the gift card has been used, your payments proceed as usual.


Why is the Spotify Gift Card not working? 

The reason for the Spotify Gift Card not working could be as follows-:

  • Gift certificates for Spotify can only be used to purchase Premium Individual plans. They cannot be applied to Premium Family, Premium Duo, Premium Student, or trial offers.
  • Examine the characters in the code and try various pairings. Sometimes a zero appears as an O, while a capital I appears as a lowercase “l.”
  • After 24 hours, try logging into your account again if it still doesn’t work.
  • You may find the amount of remaining Premium time under your subscription on your account page. Subscribers can redeem only 18 months’ worth of Premium credit at once on their account.
  • Check your receipt to determine if Shopkeeper activated the gift card if you purchased it from a retailer. You might need to go back to the shop and ask them to start it if it wasn’t. Or return it, if possible.
  • You must check for the expiration of the gift card.
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