When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out?

When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out


Spotify is a digital music platform that recently also introduced podcast and video services in the application. This platform consists of millions of songs from Bollywood, Hollywood, and also includes all the genres. Any person can create their playlist in the app for songs and can also upload their song like an album.

This platform allows users to listen to music free but with ads in between to let users know that they can buy their subscription to not let these ads interrupt anyone while listening. Spotify Premium costs 119 for a month and it gives a lot few benefits, users can download songs and listen to them being offline too, and of course, no ads would disrupt while listening.

After you sign up for this audio streaming service and begin using it, they will track your listening habits. Spotify will learn more about you as you interact with it more and more, listening to music and podcasts, and so on. Spotify proposes more songs and creates customized playlists for you based on all of your data inputs. People who use Spotify adore this personalization; the fact that they can occasionally find a new song based on Spotify intelligence simply connects with the audience.


Services Offered By Spotify

Podcasts are the new service provided by Spotify. Any person who wants to start their career or to pursue a podcast field can submit a podcast as Spotify has become the easiest way on the Internet to upload a podcast. Podcasts have become the new version of listening to good and motivational things in this generation.

One of the trendy things that are going on in this platform is the Spotify wrapped. So, every year, Spotify Wrapped analyses your listening statistics to see which songs, artists, and genres you’ve listened to the most.

Spotify Wrapped will also include auras depending on what you listened to the most each year to determine your two biggest musical moods. Spotify Playing Cards can also be used to quiz friends and family about their listening habits, and the new Blend feature allows you to compare your playlists to those of your friends.

Spotify Wrapped displays your most-played songs, artists, podcasts, genres, and other interesting information about your listening habits. This list is generated by the app using information gathered from your total minutes of listening and other app activity.

Wrapped serves as a marketing tool for Spotify as a brand: it’s enjoyable to share your lists with friends and followers each year, and anyone who doesn’t use the streaming service yet may succumb to FOMO to join in the fun next year. Artists can also utilize their service’s end-of-year rankings as marketing tools. Due to the wrapped-up trend, those people who don’t use Spotify, end up installing it which increased the installing percentage to 21% last year.

Spotify wrapped first started in 2017 and since then it has become very possible. Spotify wrapped mostly comes out at the start of December. If we see the release date of the last 5 years, it can be seen as – 6 December in 2017 and 2018, 5 of December in 2019, 2 December in 2020, and 1st December in 2021. Hence, it is fixed that Spotify releases the wrap in the first week of December. 

Spotify wrapped was the idea given by Kiel Mutschelknaus who is an alumnus of Augustana University and lives in Brandon. The design is based on a years-old internet design tool created by Mutschelknaus.

Millions of Spotify users link their Spotify wrapped to their social network profiles every year, giving Spotify a boost. Because music is released at the end of the year, the Spotify app has historically had a spike in downloads at the end of the year.

Every person who is qualified for the year in wrapped receives an email from Spotify. Many individuals consider this email to be their favorite of the year. It’s become something of a rite of passage for all audiophiles and music streamers around the world.

Even if your Spotify Wrapped material has vanished from your home page, you may still see it. All you have to do is enter in Spotify Wrapped and hit Search. Your most recent Spotify Wrapped hub will still appear as a genre, which you can view.

Users can also find friends and follow them and also can see their playlist. When you sign up for Spotify with Facebook or later connect your Facebook account, you’ll be able to effortlessly find and follow friends, as well as see what they’re listening to. The activity stream, which appears on the right-hand side of the desktop software, is a terrific way to find pals who share your musical tastes or make fun of them for their recent ABBA session. You can also use the app’s search tool to locate buddies. Go to your settings and touch the “Find Friends” tab to find and follow more friends or artists.


Sharing Spotify Wrapped

The shareable cards, on the other hand, must be downloaded before the end of December to avoid being lost. If the user wants to share the Spotify wrap in the story, then follow the below steps: –

  • Go to the Spotify Wrapped card you want to share or download on social media.
  • As the card begins to play, use one of your thumbs to press down on the middle of the card and hold it there. This will pause the video.
  • Select Share this Story at the bottom of the screen and then upload it to any social media platform you want to upload.



The law of personalization is the first concept that Spotify adopts. They understand that individualized marketing increases client loyalty. They’re attempting to accomplish the same with the ‘Year wrapped’ feature. Spotify Wrapped around our excitement for fresh beginnings, pushing us to consider our future. If they can provide a personalized experience to every single person who uses Spotify, it will go a long way toward increasing sales and revenue.

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