What Is The Most Streamed Song On Spotify?

Why is Spotify- the greatest music streaming platform of the current time?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world. Due to its easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, Spotify has become the staple application of every smartphone user. Spotify provides access to millions of songs from artists all over the world. This music and podcast-providing service is a one-stop solution to all your here-and-there flinging playlists. Spotify started offering free internet music streaming in 2009, trying to appeal to those who wanted a legit way to listen to their favourite artists and music without spending a hefty amount on other local music subscriptions.

Now, around ten years later, Spotify has more than 150 million active users and a library of more than 30 million songs. Spotify has survived the streaming industry, and it is one of the most trustable platforms for both listeners and music creators. The compressed format of the platform that takes up less space than MP3 while maintaining quality has given Spotify a reputation for being a fast, reliable, and affordable streaming application. The music catalogue is the application’s main feature, giving it an edge over other competitor companies. Spotify has a great way of figuring out what a listener wants to listen to. They have a daily mix playlist, which is an amazing way to find out about new songs and artists while mixing them with the older ones that one has already listened to. ‘Your Discover Weekly’ and ‘Your Release Radar’ are some of the very interesting features of this application. Spotify allows users to create personalized and collaborative playlists with their favourite songs or artists.

Most Played Songs on Spotify

Most Streamed Song On Spotify


Most streamed song on Spotify:

Streamed for about more than 3 billion times, ‘Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran is the most popular streamed song on Spotify. Released back in 2017, fans of Ed Sheeran can’t get enough of the song. The song, Shape Of You, is even claimed to be the world’s 10th greatest hit of all time. Over 40 million copies of the song were sold, and Ed Sheeran also won Grammy for best pop song performance for the song.

Following Shape Of You are other songs like ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weekend, with 3 billion streams, and ‘Dance Monkey’ by Tones and I, with around 2.5 billion Spotify streams.

The users can find out the number of streams an artist has by just going to the profile of a particular artist. Spotify mentions the number of plays just beside the song. Spotify can be a little cumbersome with added advertisements, but a user can always upgrade to premium after a fixed month’s trial subscription. Well, it’s entirely up to a user to pay nothing or a little for the services that Spotify provides. Though, there is no limit to using the free platform Spotify.

Spotify provides many excellent services like the sound quality of a track, a wide variety of artists and songs, special features such as shuffle play, cross-fade, explicit content mentions, connecting to other devices, and many more. In this streaming era, Spotify is heading out on the spot.

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