Is Spotify For Podcasters Free?

On April 23, 2006, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon launched Spotify, a privately held Swedish supplier of media services, including music and podcast streaming. As of June 2022, it had over 43 crore monthly active users. Spotify includes 18 crores of paid members, making it one of the largest music streaming service providers. Through holding a company with a Luxembourg City address, Spotify Technology S.A., Spotify is traded as American depositary receipts on the New York Stock Exchange.

By October 2021, there will be 180+ nations where Spotify is accessible. Users can make, update, share playlists and search for music based on an artist, album, or genre.

More than eight crore songs from different record labels and media firms are available on Spotify, along with podcasts and recorded music.


What is a Spotify Podcast? 

One of the world’s most popular places to listen to podcasts at the time of writing is Spotify. It is second only to Apple Podcasts in the percentage of downloads on podcast hosting service Buzzsprout at 26.8%. Your program will be made available to millions of prospective listeners in more than 75 countries by being listed on Spotify.

The good news is that adding your podcast to Spotify is quick and straightforward. Podcasts give listeners a means to hear stories that may be instructive or amusing. Through podcasts, listeners can access entertaining or enlightening stories.

Podcasters On Spotify

Spotify For Podcasters


How do podcasters on Spotify make money? 

One of the most popular music streaming platforms is Spotify. There are countless numbers of people who actively pay for the premium service. Every time a user of Spotify streams music or a podcast, the channel’s owner receives a small payment. This sum varies based on each artist’s popularity and influence on Spotify. Of course, the average income for artists is somewhere around $0.00357.

Consequently, if you are a new player in this game, you have a chance to win this sum. As a result, if you receive 100 streams, you will receive 35 cents. $3 and 57 cents will be yours after 1,000 streams. To make $20,000, it will take roughly 3.5 million streams annually.


Can they access premium features? 

No, Spotify Podcasters do not get any excessive benefits from starting any podcasts on the platform. They, just like us, have to pay for the premium features. They cannot get premium features as a reward or gift from Spotify.


Publishing Podcasts on Spotify 

Publishing videos on YouTube differs from uploading podcasts to streaming services like Spotify. You cannot directly upload your podcasts to Spotify because it does not host podcasts. To get your podcast distributed to Spotify and other listening platforms, you must submit it to a hosting service. Your podcasts have a basecamp on the hosting platform. It offers resources for creating, editing, saving, and submitting podcasts to Spotify.



We have also discovered that there is no such thing as a passive podcast listener. People are flocking to podcasts to delve deeper into their interests, regardless of the subject matter – daily news, true crime, high fantasy, or outrageous comedy. These ardent listeners indicate three primary reasons they download podcasts: to keep informed, to have fun, and to pick up new information.

That’s why podcasts are among the best media to learn and earn.

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