How To Find Your Spotify Pie?

What is a Spotify Pie? 

Social media users are always willing to share the music they’ve been listening to if there is one thing we can say about them. But since Spotify Wrapped, the most well-known music-sharing event, is still six months away, they’ve turned to a brand-new website called “Spotify Pie.”

To create a highly shareable pie chart of all the genres you’ve listened to in the past month, Spotify Pie analyses your Spotify usage. The website offers your top musicians of the month underneath the eye-catching chart in addition to your most-listened-to genres. The website’s brilliant tagline, “Bake your monthly genre pie,” was designed by UCLA student Darren Huang. Spotify Pie uses the way that Spotify classifies each music into narrowly defined genres. My slice of the pie included everything from “boyband” to “deep underground hip hop.” This tool displays a timeline of your favorite songs, performers, and genres. Although it is a straightforward function, it provides a thorough understanding of your listening patterns over the last six months. Additionally, you have access to an archive of your musical preferences.

People on Twitter have been spreading their pies like there’s no tomorrow, praising others’ top musicians and pointing out their obscure genres.


How to see your Spotify Pie? 

There is a new feature from a third-party company called a “Spotify Pie Chart,” similar to Spotify’s end-of-the-year “Wrapped” function, which gives users a detailed summary of the artists and songs they listened to the most throughout a given year.

Before giving access to your data, remember that baking your Spotify Pie includes submitting your Spotify credentials to the third-party website.

Here’s how, according to the Spotify Pie website, you “bake your monthly genre pie”:

  • Visit Spotify Pie or type “Spotify Pie” into your preferred search engine.
  • Enter your login information after clicking “Login to Spotify.”
  • After carefully reading the data-sharing agreement, click “Agree” to confirm. By the way, you can revoke access using the provided link at any moment.
  • Your pie bakes in less than ten seconds! Browse on your own or share your customized musical dessert on social media.
Create and Access Your Spotify Pie

Find Your Spotify Pie


After creating their pie chart, many users might not want the app to keep their permission. You must visit the Spotify website and log in if you wish to deactivate the app’s permissions. Then navigate to the “Apps” option by scrolling down the left-side menu. The subsequent tap will direct you to a page with a list of all the apps that can access your Spotify data when you select this option. There is a “Revoke” button next to each one. To uninstall the app from your Spotify account, click this option.



Despite being an unapproved third-party application, Spotify Pie is compatible with almost all desktop and mobile browsers. Although you must login in with your Spotify account to view your results, the only data the app accesses is your listening history, so everything else should be safe.

It’s comparable to Spotify Wrapped but easier to use, and you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to find out which bands and genres did best for you.

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