How To Change The Spotify Playlist Picture On Your Mobile?

Spotify is a digital music service that provides you with an infinite choice of podcasts and songs under the tip of your fingers. Spotify helps you explore new music genres based on your recent music history. Something very unique about Spotify is that it allows you to create a personalized playlist of all your favorite music and podcasts. Spotify’s music streaming quality is unbeatable. It all ends down to how good your connection is.


Why is Spotify so reliable and popular?

Spotify App is straightforward to use; Spotify offers a free-to-use option to everyone so that people can listen to music with the best quality. They will get a few advertisements in between. Those who dislike these interruptions can make their account have a premium subscription. Spotify offers a free three-month trial for a premium subscription just so that people know what to expect and how better a premium subscription is. The premium subscription removes all the ads and lets you download all the music you love and want; a premium account offers the freedom to listen to this music anywhere and everywhere; it allows you to pay in any way the user is comfortable. Premium account holders can hear specific music albums even before they’re released.

Spotify works on a cloud-based network so having a mobile isn’t necessary. Everything happens online, and the premium version allows the user to have the option of listening to music offline. Spotify features are one of a kind, like:

  1. Long press lets you know the preview of the song even before you load the song
  2. Most of the songs on Spotify come with their lyrics.
  3. You can Shazam any pieces you like and save them in your playlists
  4. You can make your playlists public or private on your choices
  5. Getting the premium version, the quality of the Sony, and many other features become more reliable.
  6. The App is available on iOS and Android for free. You can download it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You also get to use the web version of this app.
  7. The UI, which is the User Interface, matters greatly on digital devices. Any great artist or a newbie can make their music and sell it without issues. This way, it becomes easy to promote artists and their songs.

A personalized account and playlist are a must for music because you would only listen to what you like or want to explore.  Another intriguing thing about Spotify is that it lets you edit and select pictures for your playlists.

Change The Spotify Playlist Picture On Your Mobile

Edit Spotify Playlist Image


How to edit the Spotify playlist image? 

Follow these small steps:

  1. Launch the Spotify application on your mobile
  2. Open “Your Library” at the bottom right side of the screen, click on the playlist
  3. Press the three dots present in the center of the screen. Click on “Edit”
  4. Select “Change Image,” then choose whichever picture you want to set as the playlist cover.

These few steps will help you be a little clearer about how the App works and how fun and easy it is to use. Spotify isn’t just an App. Its use works like an investment in peace, growing hobbies, and motivation.

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