How Much Is Spotify Premium For Students?

How Much Is Spotify Premium For Students

Who is Eligible for a Spotify Student Discount?

If you’re presently enrolled in school, you may take advantage of a fantastic Spotify student discount. The service is the world’s most popular music streaming network, with millions of tracks and a variety of exclusive podcasts.

Spotify includes practically any musician you can imagine, with over 70 million recordings available on the site. Spotify also has a large selection of podcasts, many of which are exclusive to the platform. Spotify has something for everyone, no matter what they choose to listen to.

In both the United States and the United Kingdom, here’s how to receive a Spotify student discount.


What is the Spotify Student Discount? 

Spotify’s student discount is offered “only to students at an accredited higher education institution,” which means you must be enrolled in a university or college and the offer is not available to high school students.

You can’t obtain the student discount if you’ve already tried Spotify Premium, so you have to be a new member or upgrade from a non-premium account.

In the United States, qualifying students can enjoy a free month of Spotify Premium, followed by a $4.99 monthly membership. This is a 50% discount on the regular monthly fee of $9.99.

This deal is valid for up to 48 months or until you are no longer a student who qualifies.

You’ll get a Hulu (ad-supported) plan (worth $5.99 a month) and a Showtime membership (worth $10.99 a month) in addition to Spotify Premium. The Spotify student discount saves you $21.98 per month and gives you access to three different services.

Unfortunately, the student discount in the United Kingdom isn’t quite as great. Students get a free month of Spotify Premium, followed by a £5.99 monthly membership, compared to £9.99 for the standard price. This special rate is available for up to 48 months or until you no longer qualify as a student, whichever comes first.


How to Claim your Spotify Student Discount in the U.S.?

To take advantage of this fantastic offer, go to the Spotify website and follow the instructions.

You must either create a Spotify account or log into one you already have, and then finish the verification process. This is done using SheerID, a third-party site that is used for a variety of student discount schemes, and you may already have an account.

You’ll be able to start listening to music right away after proving your eligibility for the student discount, and you won’t have to pay anything until the second month.


How to Claim your Spotify Student Discount in the U.K.?

Go to the Spotify website and follow the on-screen instructions to get your student discount.

You’ll need to use SheerID to prove your student status. This third-party platform is utilised by a variety of shops to check student discount eligibility, so you may already have an account. If you don’t already have one, create one with your university email address to get your discounted Spotify subscription.

Because this offer includes a free month of Premium, you won’t have to pay anything until the second month of your subscription.


How to Add Spotify adds $5 Student Plan?

Spotify Premium subscriptions are now half-price for students at approved universities, bringing the monthly cost down to $5.

To sign up, go to Spotify’s student area and fill out the form with your name, college, and date of birth. You can’t sign up using an outdated university email because Spotify uses SheerID to verify active enrollments, but if the automatic verification fails, you can manually submit documents like your student ID card.

However, there’s a catch: the discount is only valid for 12 months at a time, after which you’ll have to sign up for it again. During enrollment, Spotify will give a maximum of four yearly discounts, after which it will return to its regular price of $10 per month.

Spotify Premium removes all ads, improves audio quality, permits offline listening, and brings the whole on-demand collection to mobile devices. However, it isn’t as significant an upgrade from the free version as it once was; Spotify redesigned its free service in December to add shuffled playlists on smartphones and complete on-demand library access on tablets

While Spotify isn’t profitable, its sales and percentage of paying clients are both increasing. As of March 2013, around 25% of Spotify users pay for the Premium service, and the firm earns an average of $41 per user in income, with 70% of that going to rights holders.

The student discount may not increase Spotify’s earnings per user considerably, but it could be a long-term strategy to entice individuals to subscribe to the Premium service. It’s difficult to go back if you’ve gotten used to having a huge library of on-demand music on your phone.


How to Switch to Spotify Premium Student (from Free)?

  • It’s really simple to upgrade from Spotify Free to Spotify Premium Student. This is the same as signing up for the first time for Spotify Premium Student.
  • Create a Spotify account first, if you haven’t already. This can be done either through the Spotify app or using a web browser.
  • After you’ve registered and logged into your account, go to the upper right corner of the screen and click the icon. This will bring up a dropdown menu, where you may select Upgrade to Premium. This will lead you to the website where you may upgrade to Spotify Premium.
  • “Pick your Premium” is located at the bottom of the page. Choose Student from the list of choices.
  • You must first authenticate your status as a Qualifying Student through the third-party service SheerID in order to be eligible for Spotify Premium Student. Complete the form and attach a school document proving that you are presently enrolled at the institution or university you choose. If you’re connected to your campus’s Wi-Fi network, the verification is automatic.
  • You can proceed to fill up your payment details to upgrade your account to Spotify Premium Student after SheerID has gone through your credentials and validated you as a Qualifying Student.


What are the Reasons to Buy Spotify Premium for Students?

  • No more shuffle-only mode

If you use Spotify’s mobile app on your phone, the ability to play any song is the most compelling reason to upgrade. Outside of 15 on-demand playlists, you’re forced to listen in shuffle mode on your phone using the free version. With Spotify Premium on your phone, you can, for example, conclude an evening listening to Poison’s Every Rose Has Its Thorn and Motley Crue’s Home Sweet Home without having to listen to power ballads from Warrant, Whitesnake, and Cinderella.

  • Unlimited skips

When listening to a shuffled playlist on Spotify’s free service, you can only skip a certain number of tracks. You can skip as many tracks as you want when you upgrade to Premium.

  • Double your bit-rate pleasure

Spotify Free allows you to listen in either regular (96 kilobits per second) or high quality (192 kilobits per second) mode (160 Kbps). If you utilise high-end headphones or speakers, Spotify Premium provides Extreme quality streaming at 320 Kbps, which can result in a better, more detailed audio output.

  • Listen offline

Simply tap the Download toggle switch to download an album, playlist, or podcast. After each music has finished downloading, you’ll see a small green downward arrow next to it. Are you going on a long trip without access to the internet? With a single tap, you can download all of the songs you’ve saved to your collection. To download all of the music in your library — or at least the first 10,000 — go to Your Library > Songs and hit the Download toggle switch.



Spotify Premium is now available to college and university students in the United States and 33 countries across the world for a free 3-month trial, followed by half-price streaming. A Spotify Premium subscription not only gives you access to 20 million songs, but it also allows you to listen to whatever song you want, anytime you want, ad-free. Listen to your Spotify Premium account on the web, on your phone, on your tablet, or through your home entertainment system. You may even take your music collection offline so that you can listen to it wherever you want without using up all of your data.

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