How Much Is Spotify A Month?

How Much Is Spotify A Month

Spotify is one of the most sensational music streaming platforms used by the majority of people worldwide. No matter whether you live alone or you are a student or live with your family or a mate. Spotify fulfils the needs and interests of people with every type of lifestyle with its various plans ranging from the cheapest to the highest with ultimate features at very affordable prices. One can stream music online from anywhere and can download it for offline mode as well. It offers you ultimate features such as Creating your own playlist or adding music to your library. Premium plans such as individual plans, family plans, duo plans, student plans and many more are available and with its premium one can enjoy listening to music without any ad in between. Also, you can very easily get your music connected to any device such as speakers. One can really enjoy an amazing ad-free journey with Spotify premium plans.


How Much is Spotify Premium Individual Per Month?

For an individual premium plan, one needs to pay $9.99  per month. You are able to download up to 10,000 songs and can listen to them in offline mode as well.

The power of the premium plan is not just limited to one feature rather it opens the door of abundant music streaming features to you. You can enjoy your favourite music completely ad-free without any interruption in between and can also playback the music in offline mode in order to save your data. You are free to play your favourite music anytime, anywhere and with any device. From Bollywood to Tollywood to Hollywood all music is available on the app and you can add them to your favorites and can create your own playlist and add them in your library as well.


How Much is Spotify Premium Duo Per Month?

The premium duo is designed for audio loving couples living at the same address and each individual gets their own premium account under one similar plan with additional unique benefits for the couple by just paying $12.99 per month.

Premium Duo is the kind of subscription plan for two people who are living together and each member has their own premium individual account. There is no need to share their login details with each other. Also, duo mix is a kind of playlist that is based on the taste of both people on this particular plan and they can very easily share their playlist with each other and build their libraries according to their interests. So any pair of people living at the same address are eligible to buy this plan. Two premium accounts that are merged together have to pay $13 for a month. In this plan, two users need to have a Spotify account and then the person who is responsible for paying the bill sends the link to the other user to be a part of his or her duo plan. They can do this without sharing their login details and can enjoy their own premium accounts.


How Much is Spotify Premium Family Per Month?

With Spotify premium family plan upto six family members can enjoy music streaming features in just one single month by just paying $15.99 per month. One thing that needs to be made is sure that the address of all the family members is to be similar in order to enjoy the family plan features. The plan provides you with a free music listening journey without having any interruptions and takes turns in between. All the family members can enjoy their own taste of music in just one singular plan.

Very First you need to visit

Then you need to scroll down to the premium family menu. From the menu you have to enter your home address residential address, this address will later be used by family members to join your family Spotify premium. Make sure of family members you want to unbind live in the same house with you. After that confirm your plan from the menu. At this point, the premium family setup process has been completed and to invite family members you can add them through a menu. Then click invite family after that add to that scroll down and there are several options for inviting family members you can choose for you want.


How Much is Spotify Premium Student Per Month?

If you are a University student and have a  great fascination with music, the Spotify premium student plan is an ideal subscription plan for making your music streaming journey more pleasurable. As a student, you just need to pay $4.99  per month for getting access to Spotify premium features like listening to ad-free music from anywhere. For verifying your student account you need to login into your college or university portal in order to provide evidence for your enrollment and then you can go further for buying a student plan. It can really turn out to be a long-term hooked on premium service as a student to keep you engaged in your free time in order to lighten your mood with your favourite music. Student plans provide you with a special discount to listen to ad-free music to listen in online and offline mode as well. The playback can also be according to your demand including Google nest Mini.

The plan follows up with a one month free trials premium plan for students studying in higher education.


How To Get Spotify Premium Free?

For getting access to Spotify premium subscription plan free for three months you simply have to visit the offer page and then click on the start trial option available on your screen.

Then you need to log in with your credentials and there will be an option available to you the 3-month trial option by adding your visa card details .your three-month trial will be immediately activated once you enter your visa card details and you can enjoy all the premium features for 3 months from now.

Users who have not tried the premium subscription yet and have a Visa card are eligible for this particular offer with Spotify.


Why Go Spotify Premium?

Unlike any other music listening platform, Spotify offers its users an ad-free version with its premium plans so that you can enjoy your listening to your music uninterruptedly. The free version of the app has many limitations but with the premium, there are no more restrictions and limitations and there is no more shuffling of the songs they play will be completely dependent on your demanded playlist. You will no longer be forced to listen to random shuffled music.

The premium provides you with the Ultimate advantage of unlimited skips. There is no matter how many skips you made for getting to your favourite song there is no advertisement or Glitches in between. Spotify premium comes with the features like listening to your music in offline mode as well in order to save your data or avoid your boredom in remote areas where internet connectivity is poor you can download up to 10,000 songs and can listen to them in offline mode as well whenever you need from any corner of the world. All the latest released and upcoming music and albums will arrive at you automatically without any long waiting.


How is Spotify Premium Better Than Other Competitors?

Spotify is one of the fastest-growing music streaming platforms. Everyone wants to listen to music and feel its presence like air and water basically everywhere and anytime. Spotify with its amazing features has beaten all the podcast competitors in the market and has secured a special place in the music industry since the time it was first launched. Though the free version has some limitations still it offers a great sense of exposure to its users and the launch of premium plans which are highly affordable to all kinds of users especially focusing on their lifestyle is one of the smartest adapted by Spotify to increase its audience engagement. The premium offers the users to listen to ad-free music without any interruption in between. Users are able to create their own playlist add their favourite music to their library and can skip to another track and can also download and listen to the music in offline mode with the premium plans. Also, the application has been designed with a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy for all kinds of users to use the application. It offers music albums of different artists in different columns so, if any person is a big fan of any particular artist they can very easily get to their music in just one search or click. It supports all kinds of devices to play music while leaving behind all its competitors. Spotify has really made its mark in the music listening and streaming industry within a very short period of time and has been continuously growing till now.

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