How Much Do Artists Make on Spotify?

How Much Do Artists Make on Spotify

Before directly jumping into the answer to the question of how much do artists make on Spotify? Let us have a glance at what is Spotify? 

Spotify is a digital platform that provides one with a variety of music, video, and podcast services. It gives us access to a wide range of songs and all other content made by creators from across the globe. It is a Swedish company which was formed on 23rd April 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It is currently made available to more than 180 countries. It can be used on mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet. It can be accessed from anywhere having a good internet connection. Now since we have known a few basic things about Spotify let us have a look at a few questions that one usually gets in their mind.


Will the artist receive any kind of payment whenever their song is being played on Spotify?

The answer to this question is yes, the artist will receive payment whenever their song gets played on Spotify. 


For how much duration the song needs to be played to get paid?

If the song gets played for more than 30 seconds or beyond that, then Spotify counts are as a stream. For every such stream, stream royalty gets added to a grand total amount of the artist. This grand total amount gets paid in future. 


How Much can an Artist make from Spotify?

The answer to this question mainly depends on the number of streams one gets. Spotify on average pays $0.0038 per stream. Around 70 % of the revenue generated per stream by Spotify is being paid and the remaining 30 % is being absorbed by the company itself. The payment received by an artist will depend on various factors such as the terms and conditions of the contract between the music director and the artist regarding payment, the origin of the song, language of the song, popularity of the song, number of listeners of the song, etc. The artists cannot make a very huge amount unless they have millions of streams per hour.   


How does Spotify make Payment to the Artist?

Let us first know the fact that there is no direct connection between Spotify and artists. So Spotify cannot directly pay the artist in this regard. To bridge the gap between Spotify and artists, middlemen’s are there who are mainly the music directors. The payment is being made to these music directors first. This amount gets split among various people. After paying out everybody the left amount gets paid to the artist. The amount paid to the artist is very less than what is initially paid. If any artist has been working independently, the splitting off is not an issue at all. Because of these reasons, proper planning and implementation of promotion and release get crucial.


What is the Feature of Spotify Enhanced?

In September 2021, Spotify updated its mobile version of the app which enables one to upgrade their playlist based on their preferences. Enhance is a feature that one can enable by clicking on the top of your playlist. On enabling this option one gets a reference of similar songs that match their listening habits. These similar or extra songs are added to the playlist. The recently added songs can be permanently added to the playlist by clicking on the plus button available. If one wishes to remove the songs added, then this can be done by simply clicking on the enhance button again. 


How much does a Listener Need to Pay to Spotify?

Spotify charges a monthly premium of $ 9.99. If one is not willing to take up the premium option, they can go with the free subscription. 


What are the Basic Differences Between the Free Subscription and the Premium Subscription?

Before straight away jumping into the topic of basic differences between the free subscription and the premium subscription, let us first understand what is a free subscription? A free subscription is a subscription option of Spotify where a listener is not required to pay any charges for listening to the songs, etc.

As of now, we know about free subscriptions, so now let us see what is a premium subscription?

Premium subscription is a monthly subscription option where a listener is charged a certain sum of money to avail the option.

One can easily use the free subscription option of Spotify, but will have limited features. Let’s have a look at the features of the free plan. Music gets played in shuffle mode and one gets to skip up to 6 times per hour. One gets access to the daily mix playlist of Spotify. With the free subscription, one can easily get access to all the playlists available, discover all new music, and share tunes. One can easily play any playlist, album or artist of its own choice but this can only be played in shuffle play mode. After hearing all these, one might think that if all the options are provided in the free subscription then what is the need for a premium subscription? So here comes the role of limited features. In the free plan, one does not get the benefit of listening to music without the ads interrupting in between, songs cannot be made available offline, music cannot be played at a high quality, etc.

The premium subscription option enables one to listen to ad-free streams, have the option of unlimited skips, plays song on-demand, the high-quality stream is made available, songs can be downloaded and Spotify connect. There are various premium options available to choose from.

  • The first one is the most common and widely used one. This is a $ 9.99 per month premium plan. 
  • If you have a family and is thinking of making a plan, then this plan is especially meant for you. For the family plan, one needs to pay a $14.99 per month subscription in which access to 6 people is given under one account from which a premium subscription is made. For using this feature, all 6 different users should be residing at the same address. This family monthly subscription plan has a lot of mind storming features to consider. A few of these features include family mix, Spotify kids, etc. The family mix feature aids one to play vulgarity free music from the playlist. Whereas Spotify kids is an app that is designed mainly for young children. This feature considers children from age group 3 and above that. This is designed in a manner that is safe to use and private by its nature. The music here consists of songs that are more interactive. It consists of sing-along songs, stories, and much more tracks meant for the children.
  • If you are a couple and is striving to find out something that is meant just for you two, then Spotify has a gift for you. Spotify duo is just the thing for you. It charges $ 12.99 per month to avail of this plan. This has a special feature of duo mix with all other added features in the list.
  • As students, we get a lot of benefits in many places whether it is metros, food corners, and many more. So how come Spotify does not think about students. So if you are a student, then I will recommend you to have a look at this plan. The Spotify student subscription plan will cost you $ 4.99 per month. Unlike any other student subscription plan, this plan is a bit different. This plan includes features like an ad-supported Hulu plan and Showtime. For this, the student needs to get them verified and is only available to students who are 18 years old and above.


What does Spotify Connect Mean?

Spotify Connect is a feature made available to Spotify premium subscription holders. This allows one to play music through a wide variety of various devices connected over Wi-Fi. Devices connected over Wi-Fi include Amazon Echo, Google Home and much more.  With this feature, one can easily listen to music on more devices and in more places. 


How much Data is being Consumed by Spotify to Listen to Music?

Spotify has a by default setting which uses 2 MB of data for every 3 minutes song being played. The data being used also depends upon the quality of music you are streaming. More data gets consumed when music is played at higher quality. The various audio quality options available in Spotify are as under:-

  • Normal- approx 96 kbps.
  • High- approx 160 kbps.
  • Extreme- approx 302 kbps.
  • Automatic- In this quality is based on the internet connection available. It gives one a minimum quality of 96 kbps.


Is it Possible to Find People and Friends using Spotify?

Yes, one can easily find people and friends using Spotify. For this one needs to sign up using the Facebook account or link your Spotify account to the Facebook account. Using this feature one can easily find out what their friends are listening to in the activity feed.

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