Does Spotify Have Copyright Free Music?

On April 23, 2006, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon launched Spotify, a privately held Swedish supplier of audio services. As of June 2022, it had over 43 crore monthly active users, including 18 crores of paid members, making it one of the largest music streaming service providers. Spotify Technology S.A., a holding company headquartered in Luxembourg City, trades its shares on the New York Stock Exchange as American depositary receipts.

There will be 180+ countries where Spotify will be available by October 2021. Users can search for music by artist, album, or genre and create, update, and share playlists of their favorite songs. Along with podcasts and recorded music, Spotify offers more than 8 billion tracks from various record labels and media companies.

Copyright infringement occurs when a work that is Copyright protected is used without the owner’s consent. Some of the most frequent forms of copyright infringement include the following:

  • Making copies of works protected by Copyright and offering, renting, or selling those copies.
  • It allows the performance of jobs that have been copied without permission anywhere.
  • It is distributing works that violate Copyright.
  • Public display of results that violate other people’s rights.
  • Bringing works that violate the law into India.


What exactly does Copyright mean?

A copyright is a sort of intellectual property that, typically for a certain period, grants its owner the sole authority to reproduce, transmit, adapt, exhibit, and perform creative work. The innovative work could take any form, such as musical, artistic, educational, or literary. Copyright is meant to protect a creative work’s original expression of a concept, not the idea itself. A copyright may be susceptible to restrictions based on public interest factors, such as the fair use doctrine in the U.S.

It is important to note that copyrighted works must be “fixed” in a physical form. It is frequently written by several authors, known as rights holders, who each have different rights to use or license the work. Copyright laws in India grant the owner of a copyright certain exclusive rights, such as the ability to duplicate, distribute, exhibit, or perform a protected work or to create derivative works.

Copyright Free Music On Spotify

Copyright Of Spotify’s Songs


How does the breach of Copyright affect the business? 

Any individual or organization that violates a work’s Copyright is subject to legal action by its owner. The copyright holder has the right to remedies such as injunctions, damages, and accounts and can bring a civil remedies lawsuit in a court with jurisdiction. Any lower court cannot try any offense under the Copyright Act. These cases can be tried by a Metropolitan Magistrate or a Judicial Magistrate of the first class.

Under the Copyright Act, anyone who violates or assists in infringing the Copyright in any work is guilty of a criminal offense. The minimum penalty for a copyright violation that is considered unlawful is six months in jail and a minimum fine of Rs. 50,000. The minimum sentence for a second or subsequent conviction is one year in prison and a fine of Rs. 1,000,000.


Copyright of Spotify’s Music

You can view the credits for any song on Spotify. This includes details about the author(s), producer(s), and artist. Even if there isn’t any explicit copyright information, one of the people or businesses mentioned in the credits likely owns the Copyright.


  • Open the Spotify
  • Locate the song whose credits you’re looking for.
  • Press the icon with three dots.
  • Tap on  Show Credits.
  • You will see the copyright information.

Although there isn’t a straightforward way to determine whether a piece of music on Spotify is copyrighted, following the instructions above should help you find a solution that works for you.

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